Lars Schwed NygårdYou’ve probably figured it out by now: My name is Lars Schwed Nygård, and I write comics.

I do a great deal of my work in the screen-based panel delivery format pioneered by Balak, Mark Waid, and others.

Some of my stories are also available for the Electricomics platform, which is among the very best comics apps out there for creators and readers alike.

And when I say “my stories”, I am selling my collaborators shamefully short. I am lucky enough to be working with some truly excellent artists, including Pål Henrik Roska, Torgeir Trapnes, Geir Moen, Are Edvardsen, and Laszlo Seber.

I live in Oslo, Norway with my girlfriend Tina and a Norwegian forest cat who insists that we call him David Meowie. Go figure.

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